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        Air Structure is a newly produced tent developed from inflatable tent and it’s getting more and more popular. With the same principle as inflatable tent, air structure also needs the blower to make it inflated, but the blower is no more the normal blower, it’s air generator with much stronger power. For this air structure, it requires foundation, membrane, lighting system, industrial tunnel, ventilation system, emergency system, emergency door, revolving door. It can be used for various functions, like muti-sport and recreational activities, NFL football training area, military radomes & disaster relief shelter, air warehouse and bulk storage, construction and manufacturing purpose, etc.
        The life span of our air structure can be with 30 years, 100% made according to European standard. Except that the foundation should be prepared by clients, all the rest parts will be supplied by us.
        The price range for the air construction is around USD 200/ square meter. Generally speaking, we will provide a suitable project for clients, and in the process of making the project, clients need to offer us some information, like where the air construction to be used, the climate, the purpose and even clients’ financial budget etc., all the information will be taken into consideration to make the best project. If clients accept our price range and are ready to import the air structure, we will discuss the final price then.
        Following are the detailed explanations for each purpose!
    Multi-Sport & Recreational Domes
        With air-supported structures, a variety of sports and recreational activities can be played year-round, in any kind of weather, under natural or interior lighting. Whether it's a family fun center, football practice dome, golf learning center, ice dome, swimming pool, tennis center, or a multi-sport recreational facility, CHONGQI Inflatables ltd. can develop a structure to meet your recreational needs.<
    NFL Football Training Domes
        CHONGQI has designed, engineered, manufactured and built practice domes for NFL teams including the New York Giants, New York Jets, Denver Broncos, Minnesota Vikings, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins. These teams, with homes in hurricane-ridden areas and in cities with average annual snowfalls in excess of 7 feet, all have one thing in common: they selected CHONGQI to engineer and install air structures that meet and exceed the building codes required of traditional buildings in their area! The typical NFL training facility houses a full-sized, NFL field with ample room around the perimeter for coaching staff, spectators and equipment. Because CHONGQI's patented cable net system allows our air structures to be built to virtually any size, athletes are afforded the ability to play and train in a structure that mimics outdoor playing conditions; the structure's size ensures that no building obstacles effect the play of the game and CHONGQI's translucent fabric allows the entry of up to 1200 foot candles of natural daylight. During nighttime hours, the DAFT Hanglite lighting system, which is suspended from the CHONGQI air structure, allows players and coaches to train in natural lighting conditions that have since been difficult to achieve with traditional pole lighting systems. Whether you are looking for a sports facility to train the professional player, collegiate student-athlete, or the next rising superstar CHONGQI and its partners can offer a complete, turnkey package that will have you playing in a climate controlled, HVAC-enabled CHONGQI air structure all year-round.
    Military Radomes & Disaster Relief Domes
        On New Year's Eve in 1970, CHONGQI covered the crash site of a downed US Naval F14 in less than 24 hours, ensuring that that the forthcoming twenty-inch snowfall had no effect on the integrity of the crash's investigation. Since then, CHONGQI has made it its business to offer the ultimate turnkey package for governments, corporations and private entities in need of an immediate structural solution.
    CHONGQI's modular designs are easily mobile, flexible and can accommodate a variety of uses including medical installations, barracks, chemical, biological and radiological protection centers, radar installations, housing and civil defense shelters and warehousing and bulk storage.
    Capable of withstanding Category-5 hurricane winds and loads of snow in excess of 50 pounds, these flame resistant, UV protected structures, that can be installed in less than one day, are the perfect solution for any geographical location or weather environment.
    Join the likes of the United States Military and see why they have trusted CHONGQI to cover their precious aircraft, radar antennas and other important government material. Take a look at our history page and find out for yourself why CHONGQI has been the pioneer in the air structure industry for nearly fifty, solid years.
    Air Warehouses & Bulk Storage
        For temporary or permanent warehouse structures for rack, bag and palletized storage and for specific environmental needs, look to CHONGQI. CHONGQI's air structures require minimal operation and maintenance costs, allowing for improved and expanded use of equipment and manpower.
    These large, bulk-storage structures have openings to satisfy large trucks, conveyors, aeration and personnel entries and exits. Bulk storage products enter the dome from conveyors and are then distributed to stockpiles inside of the structure while the constant flow of air keeps the interior free of condensation and moisture and the structure's coated fabric provides protection from ultraviolet radiation. A group of bulk storage air structures can be erected on one site and can be loaded with just one set of equipment.
    All of the interior space is completely clear span; there are no columns or interior posts. The structure can also be easily taken down and moved to another site.
        CHONGQI pioneered dome covered construction when founder Dan Fraioli covered 25 key construction sites on the Alaskan Pipeline with air supported construction enclosures. CHONGQI continues to meet the environmental challenges of the construction industry, where projects can proceed through the winter months, by providing the industry with air-supported structures that can cover the entire construction site.
        CHONGQI erected a 60,000 square-foot dome at the Merrill Creek Reservoir Dam site in Harmony Township, New Jersey. Because the vertical rock walls were highly irregular, CHONGQI installed an anchorage system with an air-seal system to prevent air loss between the boulders. Using a single piece of 7,500 yards of fabric weighing 14,000 pounds and eighty foot vehicular air locks that allowed the largest loads and biggest equipment to enter and exit the site safely and easily, CHONGQI met the demands of a seemingly impossible project.

    Description of Air Structure

    Brand ChongQi

    1. Air filled by blower or once inflated

    2. Strong & wind-resistant

    3. Available in various sizes and colors

    4. Digitally-printed full cover envelope, logo or graphic can be customized

    5. Quick set up: 5-250 minutes


    1. Parties

    2. Storage

    3. Health Care

    4. Sports

    5. Projective

    6. Special or Corporate events

    7. Festival


    Package Double-layer packing
    workmanship Sewing, Hot welding
    Shipping way By air, sea, express
    Components Tent, Blower, Repair Kit

    Details of Components

    Size 16-2600 square meters
    Material pvc tarpaulin/oxford cloth
    Colors Any colors you need
    Advanced Splicing Technology Applying wire stitching to make the pinhole very small to resistant the air loss or completely airtight


    Type of Tents party tent, sporting tent,storage tent,projective tent, advertising tent, wedding tent,lighting tent, airtight tent and air supported structure etc.
    Power of Tents 750W, 1500W for blower, 600W, 1000W for high-pressure pump.
    Supply Voltage 110V, 220V
    Type of Plug According to customer’s requirements


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